In 1995 Duane Ruth-Heffelbower began making web pages for organizations he was working with. That's a long time ago in Web terms. You can read about the state of the Web at that time in "A little history of the World Wide Web from 1945 to 1995." Since all of Duane's work had to do with peacemaking, he obtained the domain name Peacemaking.com to house these various sites.

It took a few years for other people in the organizations to get interested in electronic publishing, but slowly the tide turned, and the organizations began getting their own domains, some of which Duane continues to tend. Today the domain Peacemaking.com contains things personal to Duane's family and links to the organizations they connect with. Their work in Indonesia forms a large portion of the content as this is written. Check back in a while. The domain continues to evolve. The last fledgling Web site to go out on its own is http://collaborativelawyers.org, pushed from the peacemaking.com nest June 26, 2005.

Duane is the Webmaster of:

Starting in 2009 Duane also began managing social media presence for himself and organizations of which he is a part. This currently includes Facebook pages for

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